DetermaDxTM is a liquid biopsy test intended to clarify whether a lung nodule is suspicious or likely benign, potentially reducing the need for risky and costly invasive diagnostic procedures.

Rule out malignancy in lung nodules

Every year, more than

1.6 million

people will be identified with having a suspicious lung nodule,1 and many will undergo invasive diagnostic procedures such as a lung biopsy.

1 in 5

of these diagnostic procedures results in a complication.2

We need a

better way

to understand which patients can avoid unnecessary diagnostic procedures.



DetermaDx utilizes a proprietary immune system interrogation approach to measure gene expression changes that signal the presence of absence of cancer.



Rule out malignancy in lung nodules.


Order DetermaRx for your patient with stage I or IIA non-squamous NSCLC undergoing resection.


We analyze the molecular signature of your patient’s tumor tissue to stratify your patient’s risk.


Make informed treatment decisions for your patient following surgery.

Immune Response

for Nodule Evaluation (IRENE)

  • Ongoing clinical validation study with more than 2400 subjects
  • 62 sites including both academic and community practices
  • Largest reported cohort with pulmonary nodules 5-30 mm representative of U.S. patient population

Tanner N, Dickinson K, Hesterberg L, Ross D, Copeland K. (2020). Diagnostic evaluation of pulmonary nodules in the IRENE (Immune Response for Nodule Evaluation) Cohort: A comparison of practice settings. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 201:A4727. – View Abstract

Hesterberg L, Dickinson K, Friedman L, Sheibani N, McQuary P, et al. (2019). The immune response for nodule evaluation (IRENE) cohort profile. Poster presented at CHEST Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. – View Poster

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