DetermaRx Publications and Abstracts

DetermaRx Publications and Abstracts

Kratz JR, He J, Van Den Eeden SK, Zhu Z, Gao W, et al. (2012) A practical molecular assay to predict survival in resected non-squamous, non-small-cell lung cancer: development and international studies. Lancet 379:823.View Abstract

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Dormady S, Broder MS, Putcha GV, Dumanois RH, DeCristofaro AH, et al. (2015) The impact of a fourteen-gene molecular assay on physician treatment decisions in non-small-cell lung cancer. Int J Clin Oncol 20:59.View Abstract

Woodard GA, Wang SX, Kratz JR, Zoon-Besselink CT, Chiang CY, et al. (2018) Adjuvant chemotherapy guided by molecular profiling and improved outcomes in early stage, non-small-cell lung cancer. Clinical Lung Cancer 19:58.View Abstract

Kratz JR, Haro GJ, Cook NR, He J, Van Den Eeden SK, et al. (2019) Incorporation of a molecular prognostic classifier improves conventional non-small cell lung cancer staging. Journal of Thoracic Oncology 14:1223.View Abstract

Haro GJ, Sheu B, Cook NR, Woodard GA, Mann MJ, Kratz JR. (2019) Comparison of Conventional TNM and Novel TNMB Staging Systems for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. JAMA Network Open 2:e1917062View Abstract