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Drug discovery in the era of precision medicine requires innovative and streamlined solutions to bring to market new treatments for patients that need them.  With over a decade of experience in molecular and multivariate assay development, we offer a suite of tissue-based and blood-based technologies to accelerate and de-risk your biomarker-driven clinical trials. These include a proprietary immuno-oncology platform, custom TMB panels, next generation sequencing (NGS), whole-exome sequencing services, RNA-seq, targeted PCR panels and more.

  • Multiplex PCR assay and Real Time PCR IVD development
  • Conversion of RNA expression signatures to targeted NGS or multivariate PCR assays
  • Proprietary assays for immune therapy response prediction
  • Core lab for IVD assay CDx support
  • Replicate studies for IVD Diagnostic PMA or 510k submission

Target Discovery

Identify and validate novel targets for clinically actionable diagnostics and therapeutics with our proprietary immuno-oncology assays, NGS subclassification panels, and broad tissue-based capabilities.

Assay Design, Development & Validation

Accelerate drug development and commercialization with our platform-agnostic approach that covers the spectrum from early-stage proof-of-concept tests through clinical trial assays, RUO tests and IVD offerings. Our laboratory, bioinformatics and biostatistics teams have discovered and developed multiple validated and marketed multivariate diagnostic tests.

Clinical Trial & Testing Services

Collaborate with our ISO- and CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab to process your clinical trial samples. Our lab has been qualified by multiple top-20 diagnostic and pharma companies for clinical trial testing, and we have supported a number of our partners with FDA and other regulatory submissions.


Biopharma Services Lab

  • CLIA Certification (2013)
  • CAP Accreditation (2020)
  • ISO 9001 Certification (2015, est. 2013)
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Compliance (since 2017)​
  • Third party quality assessed as supplier of genetic and specialized clinical laboratory testing
  • Incorporates 21 CFR 820 practices by adherence to design control protocols


Biopharma Services Lab

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